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Paramedical Exams - ExamPro's experienced examiners gather essential health information via personal interviews and specimen collections:  Blood & Urine Collection, Saliva, TVC, EKG/ ECG, & APS.

DNA/ Paternity - Don't let fear, anxiety, and doubt cause more stress in your life. Get the answers you need quickly and painlessly. In most cases, the results are legally binding in a court of law.

Drug & Alcohol Testing - According to the Department of Labor, substance abuse  costs employers nearly $100 billion a year in accidents, healthcare, and worker's compensation. ExamPro is a DOT certified company.
This service is also provided for parents of children with alleged drug or alcohol abuse (discreet in-home service available).

On-site Wellness Events/ Health Fairs - These events are designed specifically with your corporate health and wellness goals in mind. Some examples of what we do are blood pressure, body fat, and glucose screenings.

Criminal & MVR - If you are an employer it is important to know "who" works for you. ExamPro can provide you with the information you need to protect yourself and your business from unnecessary liability.